Just a story

  • This probably sucks.But I wrote this in fourth grade.



       1p Heatalia x Me x 2p Hetalia

    This is my story. I am Catlyn Gray and this is how I met the countries.


    I was a sophmore at Jay County Highschool and I was walking in the cafeteria and seen a freshman being picked on by a Senior. I went up and punched the Senior and made him bleed.” leave him alone Jake.” I growled and he glared.” why do you always help the freshman and everyone?” “ because I’m not a bully like you.” Jake left and I helped the freshman up.” you okay?” I asked and he nodded.” I’m Mattew.” He  said shyly and I smiled.”I’m Catlyn nice to meet you.” I got a good look at him. He had long hair and a curl sticking out to the side. He also wore glasses.”Come what lunch do you have?” I asked and started walking.” A lunch.” “ same lets go I’ll introduce you to my friends.” We walked and I seen my table with my friends and others.” hey guys sorry I’m late. Jake was bulling again.” I sat and Mattew sat next to me.” This is Mattew.” I introduced him and he shyly waved.” aww hes adorable.” My  friend Sierra squealed.” calm down i dont think he will be able to surive your hugs.” I joked and she pouted.” Mattew these are my friends. Sierra the one who squealed, that is Kenzi she is sorta joyful ish.” Kenzi looked up.”  what did you say Cat?” I glared at her.” i thought we went over this i am not a freaking cat!!” “ but Cat its your nickname.” I facepalmed.” shut up will you.” “ anyways thats Madison and Ashely.” They waved but then went back to thier boyfriends. I rolled my eyes.” and that is Beth who is oppsesd with pasta.”” pasta is good!!!!!!” She said and i facepalmed again.” you are a moron!” “ HELP Sierra!!!.” I sighed.” sorry our group is crazy.”” no its okay they remind me of some of my friends.” I smiled.”They have B lunch.” “ oh are they new?” he nodded.” yeah.”  “ Catlyn you better get some food.” i shook my head.” nah ill surive.”” Catlyn Rae Gray. you havent eaten in days.” i shrugged.” so i could lose some pounds.” i got whacked in the head by Sierra.” get now.” “no” i stated plainly. Then i felt a tap on my shoulder to see a guy with pink hair and pink/blue eyes.” here poppet have a cupcake.” I shrugged.” thanks.” i took a small bite then my face lit up.” this is delioucious.” i took another bite and smiled.” why thank you poppet.” He walked away and i finished eating it.” yum.” “ uh oh time for class.” we all went our seprate ways and i went on through the day and got two new books again this day. I walked out of school and down the highway. I made a right into town and went inside my house.” Im home Dozer!” i called and my dog barrelled down the stairs striaght at me.” wow easy boy.” He sat and his tail wagged.” here.” i tossed him a biscuit.” i have work so ill be home soon.” i put on my maid outfit and hurried to the tallest building. I entered clocked in and hurried to the kitchen.” hiya  Josh.” Josh turned and smiled .”aww Catlyn ready for your first day.” “ yes i am.”” good now review first.” I nodded.” never look at the countries, never talk to them unless they talk to you. Stay out of thier way. And be quiet and leave no mess.” He nodded.” yes good girl. Now take this tray to room 211 the 1ps are here already.” i nodded and put the first tray on my head balancing it then took the other two on my hands. I walked out and dodged everyone cleaning the hall. I found the room and entered quietly. I stared at the ground and quietly set the plates down where they need to and poured England his tea. They were talking and i was down. I was walking back to the door to stand and wait till they were done.” Catlyn?” I looked up to see Mattew.” Mattew?” He shook his head.” Your a counrty?” He nodded again.” yeah. I’m Canada.” everything was quite.”you work here.” I nodded.” First day.”” well you were splended. I seen you know magic to .” i blushed.” yeah still working on it. “” catlyn come to the chefs office please.” i paled.” i uh got to go.” i left an hurrided along the hall. I knocked.” who is there.”” its me sir Catlyn.” come in “ i entered and shut the door.” i noticed that one the the contries know you.” i nodded.” yes sire Canada.” he nods.” yes well you are to be his maid here not friends.” i nodded understanding.” good now go on.” i left and kept my head down when i returned. They were talking again and i looked up slightly to see Canada gone. I hurried filled Englands tea agian then Romanias.” thank you love. “ and “ thank you miss.” was from them. I nodded and  went back to my spot. The meeting was long and then finally done.” okay everyone we will continue tomarrow.” I hurried and used my magic to grab the plates and cups. i took them to the kitchen. I then walked back and they were gone. I turned my ipod on and heard Worth It. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i2o8QNd0A4c i started to sing along.” Give it to me im worth it. Baby im worth it.   Im worht it. Just give me you.thats all i want to do.and if they say is true.if its true i give me to you.i may talk a lot of stuff.garuntteed i can back it up.i think ima call your bluff. So hurry up im walking down front.uh huh see me in the spotlight like oh i love a your style. Uh huh show me what you got. Cause i dont want to waste my time.” i wiped the table quieckly and used my magic to dust and sweep.”uh huh see me in the spotlight like oh i love a your style. Uh huh so show me what you got.come and make it worth my while. Give it to me im worth it uh huh im worth it give give me im worth it uh huh im worth it. Cold hearted just because.-” i was cut off by some one coughing. I froze turned and see the countries.” gah im sorry.” i hurrided to the door but someone grabbed my arm.” wait stay love.” i turned to see Engalnd. I blushed and shook my head.” no i must go.” i got loose then ran. I ran into the kitchen and  went into room 386 and seen no one. I set the stuff and turned my music on again to Thanks for the memories. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I3JVHBRsC-E ” one night and one more toy thanks for the memory even though they werent so great. It taste like you only sweeter.” i smiled and my magic grew stronger and  it swirled around me.” one night and one more toy thanks for the memories even thought they werent so great. It tast like you only sweeter. On night yeah one more toy thanks for the memeories thanks for the memories. I only think think when crunching numbers. In hotel rooms. Collecting passious lovers. Get me out of my mind get you outof those cloughs.” i grabbed my head and the magic was rougher.” one more night one more toy thanks for the memories even thought they werent so great it taste like you only sweeter. One night yeah one more toy thanks for the memories thanks for he memories.” The magic stopped and i fell to my knees.” shit doll face.” “ al Langoue.” My head snapped up and i seen the pink haired boy holding a jar and a red head with a bat and nails putting money in the jar. A hand grabbed my shoulder. I looked up and seen a boy who looked like Mattew and he had a hockey stick with wire.” you okay,eh?” I nodded and stood. I walked past them.” where are you goning poppet.”” to finnish getting the food.” i walked silentlly in the hall and grabbed the others. When i was back i seent the rest there The other four must of told about what happened because they all stared at me.. I set the food down .” thank you poppet. May i ask your name.” catlyn .”” well catlyn did you enjoy the cupcake i gave you earlier.” everyone there looked pale.” yes thank you sir. The first food i ate in weeks thank you.” “ my name is Oliver poppet,why havent you eaten.” i shrugged.” why not starve no onell miss me.” I think your friends might. “I shook my head.” no they have enough to worry about.” i walked out checked out and walked out into the rain. I turned on my ipod and listened to Awake and alive. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J7iF6tkxi_U  I hurried along and then it turned to runnig. I ran jumped on a wall then to another till i was on top. I looked up into the rain and tears escaped my eyes. I ran again jumping building to building then landed on the ground tired. I walked into my house only to see it messed up and pictures broken.” dozer!!!.” i ran upstairs to find him dead.”NO!!!!!!!!!!” i picked him up and cried. I ran down and out into the rain and collapsed and held him.” no dozer no please come back. Your my only family left. I cant lose you too.” i cried into his fur.” the rain poured and i stood and picked him up and headed for the graveyard. I dug deep next to my family's grave and laid him in.” i love you little bro.”   i buried him then i made my way back. I was exausted and stumbled. I fell to my knees and heard my name.” catlyn!!!!!” the last thing i seen was a  shadow running to me. Then black.



    I awoke and seen i was in a room filled with light. I stood and i tiptoed to the door walked downstiars to see Mattew on the couch sleeping and everyone spreaded everywhere. I snuck out the front door and ran.” CATLYN!!!!.” i didnt stop i ran. I kept running my feet hurt and i stopped. I hid in an ally.” No i cant think no i cant do it.” i held my head and fell to my knees and screamed.” GET OUT OF ME!!!!!!” i heard devilsh laughter and i hit my head against the building and i started bleeding.” Poppet?” i turned to see Oliver and the other 2p allies and 2p axis. I jumped up and went wide eyed and seen the blood on them. I staggerred. I spun and ran again.” CATLYN!!!!!.” i ran harder and then fell after being hit.” hello Catlyn.” i looked up to see Jake.” your mine now.” i curled up.” i killed your pet.” my eyes snapped open then i stood.” you asshole!!!!.” i ran at him and used my magic to hold him still and i grabbed his throat and ripped out his pipes.” you are dead!!.” i watch as he crumpled and fall to one side.” now you shall rot like i have all my life one day right after another.” i said and walked away. Only to have arms wrap around me. I struggled.” no need to struggle poppet its just us.” i stopped and seen it was the 2ps. I teared.” i killed him i killed him.” Oliver hugged me tighter.” its alright poppet. Matt, Al get ride of the body it might calm her down.” “ he killed my family so i killed him.” i sobbed into Olivers chest.” calm down poppet.”” Luciano , Ludwig, Kuro take Catlyn back to the house.Tell the nodics to make a room for her. Matt Al, Francis we will go to her house and pick stuff up for her.” everyone nodded and Kuro picked me up and set me on Ludwigs back. We walked and i still had tears escaping my eyes.Lucaino called the nordics and hung up.” they got a  room ready.” he said and i turned from them. “ i should of killed my self years ago.” I mumbled unconsiouly. Luciano, Ludwig and Kuro had heard and didnt say anything. When we got there i was pretending to sleep.” yeah. Shes the girl.Catlyn is her name. Ludwig go put her to bed.” Ludwig carried me up to the room Kuro took me off and laid me down gently. Ludwig covered me and they walked out.I sat up and sighed. I decided to shower so i stood quietly and grabbed a black skirt, tights, black sneakers, and a long sleeve, also a cloak. I hurried and got in the steamy shower and sighed. I washed and got out wrapped a towel around me. I heard the other door open.” Poppet?” “ in here.” i said. “ are you dressed.”” no just a towel right now.”” oh… well we got all your stuff and its in your room.”” thank you Oliver.”” just call me Ollie love.” i heard his footsteps walk away and the door shut.I hurridedly got dressed. I walked out and unpacked everything. I was done and walked downstairs. I heard aruging and seen Matt and Al at it.” shit eater.” fucker.” “ matt al swear jar.” they grumbled and put money in the jar. Ollie noticed me.” Oh my…” Everyone looked at me and stared.” what ?” i asked blushing.” your so adorable!!!!!!!.” Ollie ran up and hugged me tightly.” um Ollie cant breath.” i said and he let go chuckling.” sorry but you are so adorable.” i blushed darkly.” no im not.” “ whatever. Are you hungry poppet.”” no” but my stamch growled and i blushed darker every one laughed and i went even darker.” one cupcake coming up.” ollie skipped to the kitchen and left me wth the others. Matt and Al went back at it and i grew tired of it so i used my magic and pulled them apart. Al screamed like a little girl when i lifted him in the air and he yelled.”GHOST!!!!!!” i laughed for once. And they all turned to me.i dropped Al on his rear and he fell with a thump while i laugh harder.” It was me Al.” i said between fits of coughing.i stopped.” man i havent laughed like that since….” i trailed off remebering the day my parents and i walked dozer in the park and it was turning dark. Also the night jake killed my parents. I shook my head and headed for the door.” where are you a going a bella?” Lucanio aske.” just outside for a bit.” i walked out and sat on a stump not so far. I started to think when my thoughts were intruppted by a shout. I turned to see the 2ps running from the house and the 1ps chasing. I used my magic to block the 1ps and they looked confused.” leave them alone!!!.” i shouted and they seen me and thier jaws dropped.” catlyn.?” i seen Mattew and glared.” leave my new family alone please.” i begged and they sighed” fine but we want to see you every now and again.” i nodded and hugged Mattew.” dont worry youll see me soon.” They had left Mattew was literraly dragged by England and America. The 2ps came back and i had my back to them. I walked and a wolf jumped infornt of me and the 2ps shouted. I stood calm and held a hand out.” come.” the wolf came forward and laid its head in my hand.” good boy.” i used my magic and turned him human.” a familiar hmm?”  i asked and he nodded.” yes Catlyn.” i heard gasps and i starred.” how do you know me?” “ its me Dozer. After we get killed we change to our rightful form.” i froze and then hugged him tightly sobbing.” i thought you were dead.” he hugged me back.” i know Catlyn.” The others went to te house and i grabbed Dozers hand and we walked to the house and inside. We all sat in chairs or couches to watch a movie an i snuggled into Dozer who kissed my forhead.” i missed you little sis.” he said and i mumbled.”  i missed you too big bro.” i fell asleep on him and he smiled wrapping an arm around me and finnished the movie. He put me in bed then came downstairs to see Oliver, Al, Matt,Lucaino, Ludwig, and Kuro.” so your her brother?” Oliver asked and Dozer nodded.” yes and also a familar to protect her.” He added.”well doll face is safe here.” Al said and Dozer growled.” dont call my sister that you american.”” wait arent you american.”” no you idiot. Catlyn and i are from romania.” “ that exprains the ears and tail that popped up vhen ve brought her here.” Kuro said. “ she even had tiny rittre teeth too.” He added.” she is turning.” Dozer said.” i should of known when she started using magic.” Dozer sighed.” from now on you guys have to watch her when i run on errands.” He said and they nodded.” dont a worry we a will keep an eye on a the a bella.” Lucaino said and Dozer nods.” im trusting you guys.” “ matt you stayed quiet?” Oliver turned and Matt stood.” Kumijario come.” the polar bear came .” good boy now listen fine 2p china and bring him  here .” the bear nodded.” okay well tomorrow i am leaving for two days.” Dozer said.”  so he  can watch her then.”  Matt nodded. “ lets go.” everyone went to their rooms to sleep but Catlyn heard it all. Dozer entered and looked at her.” Catlyn you awake?” I didnt move.” i know your awake.” He crawled onto the bed next to me and held me close.” ill be leaving tomorrow for two  days. Ill be back but youll spend time with each every time i leave on an errand.” i nodded and snuggled closer.” whos first?” i asked and he sighed.” 2p china Xao.” I nodded and started to sleep. I awoke in the middle of the  night to see no dozer. I stood up and walked out the bedroom door and down the hall. I descended the steps to see no one just darkness and shadows. I opened the front door to be hit by cold wind. My gown twirled and i seen Dozer disappear into the forest. I waved even though he had his back to me in his wolf form.” be careful brother.” I mumbled then heard his howling.I smiled and went back inside and went back to my room. I couldnt sleep so i went over to my desk and started to sketch.I was part way done when i heard shuffling and then thumps and groans. I quickly ran out of my room leaving my sketch to rest and seen Al and Matt on the floor tangled.” shit get away fucker.” “shut  up shiteater.” I used my magic to untangle them and seprate them.They seen me and stared.” hey dollface.” my magic turned Al upside down. “ ahhhh.” He screamed and the other 2ps entered and laughed.” Catlyn put me down!!!!!!” He whined and i did and he landed on his head.” ouch.” i gently  put Matt down and smiled.” so whos hungry.?” Everyone raised thier hands and i nodded.” okay then get dressed and ill cook.” they did as told and i went into the kitchen and started cooking. I turned on my ipod and listened to Love is Like a Battlefield. I flipped the pancakes and wrapped fish in seaweed. I made cupcakes for Olliver, brats for Ludwig,tofu for Al, pasta for Lucanio with his special sauce. I got the table set and finished setting the plates down when everyone entered. They all sat in the spot i put food and Fancios got a plate of pancakes like Matt.I cleaned and headed for the stairs, but someone grabbed my arm. “ vhere are yov going?” I turned to see Ludwig.” to change then clean my room.” vhy dont yov eat?”He asked and i shrugged.” dont worry about me Ludwig.” i said and got loose. I walked up stairs and went into my room and tears ran down my cheeks. I grabbed a knife and moved my sleeve to revel other marks and i created more easily  ignoring the pain.”  Catlyn.” There was knock and i stood hid the knife and my arm.” come one.” The one that enter surprised me.” hello Catlyn.” it was 2p China.” hello Xao.” i said shakily.” so you do know me.” He said and i nodded.” my brother told me that you were going to  watch me.” He nodded.” yes it seems that Matt had suggested me.” I shrugged.” oh well.” He glanced over to my desk and i blushed embarrassed.” i was only trying to imagine what you looked like.”  Xao had picked up the paper and studied it carefully.” not bad the only thing wrong is the hair.” I smiled.” so i did good?” “ yes you did.” He nodded. I remebereed i need to change.” um can you leave so i can change.” He nodded.” sure, i’ll be right outside your door.” I nodded and when he walked out and shut the door. I grabbed my clouths and changed into a black skirt black and red panty hose, black long sleeved with a red rose in the corner , and black sneakers. I opened the door and he was leaning agaisnt the wall.” Ready?” He asked and i nodded.” yeah. So where are we gonning?” I asked.”  to my house.” He said then added.” youll meet my brothers too.” I nodded. We walked on in silence and when we got there i seen two cars and a motorcycle. I admired the motorcycle and Xao chuckled.” thats Kuros bike.” I blushed embarressed. We walked in to silent and then heard music. He lead me into the living room and i seen a guy in black dancing and two others laughing.” guys we have company.” Xai barked and the others turned.” Hi.” i said akward.” she cute bro.” the one in black said.” Catlyn these are my brothers. Japan/ Kuro. then South Korea, and the North.” I nodded.” okay.” Xao walked in.” so what are you guys doing?” he asked.” we made a bet that Kuro cant dance and its true haaha.” North laughed and South shook his head.” hey North i bet Catlyn can dance bettter than you.” Kuro said and I gaped at him.” no i-i cant d-dance.” I stuttered.But he pulled me up and i flushed.” choose a song and dance.” was all he said. I turned to the screen and seen  many songs but i chose 50 ways to say goodbye. I followed the moves and then it was freestyle so i spun  and stopped right as when freestyle ended.” Im all out of goodbyes.” I sung the ending verse and i turned to see everyones jaw dropped.” here.”North Korea handed Kuro the money.” Okay kareoke time!!!.” South shouted. He hooked it up and they all went. I was the only one left.” Okay Catlyn your turn.” I nodded and grabbed the mike from Xao.” Black Magic.”All the girls on the block come knocking on my door.Wanna know what it is to make the boys want more. Is your lover playing on your side? Says he loves you but aint got time well heres the anwser come and get it while you still have time.HEY! Full of honey just to make him sweet crystal balling just to let him see what hes been missing so come and get it at a knocked down price.HEY! Get your boy on his knees and repeat after me and say Take a sip of my secert potion ill make you fall in love. Its a spell that cant be broken.One drop should be enough. Boy you belong to me ive got the recipe and its called black magic.Take a sip of my secert potion One taste and youll be mine.Its a spell that cant be broken itll keep you up all night.boy you belong to me ive got the recipe and its called black magic.If your looking for mr right need that magic to change him over night well heres the anwser come and get it while you still have time.Hey!” I swayed and smiled and waved my hands gracefully.”get your boy on his knees and repeat after me and say Take a sip of my secert potion. Ill make you fall in love its a spell that cant be broken one drop should be enough boy you belong to me ive got the recipe and its called black magic.Take a  sip of my secert potion one taste and youll be mine its a spell that cant be broken itll keep you up all night. Boy you belong to me ive got the recipe and its called black magic.All the girls on the block come knocking at my door. Ive got the recipe. Wanna know what it is to make the boys want more.now you belong to me.” i spun and giggled.”All the girls on the block knocking at my door.I got the recipe wanna know what it is to make the boys want more. You belong to me.take a sip of my secert potion ill make you fall in love its a spell that cant be broken. One drop should be enough.boy you belong to me  ive got the recipe.and its called black magic.and its called and its called black magic!! Take a sip of my secert potion.one drop and your in love its a spell that cant be broken itll keep you up all night.boy you belong to me ive got the recipe. And its called black magic.falling in love falling in love falling in love falling in love falling in love. Magic” i finnished and opened my eyes to see them stareing.” what?” I asked shyly.”You were amazing.” North and South shouted in sync. Kuro hugged me tight lifting me up and spinning. I giggled but it  stopped when Xao stopped us and grabbed my arm making me wince and he rolled the sleeves up to show my cuts.” Catlyn……” Tears escaped and i turned from them.” Why Catlyn?” North asked.”  Because what other reason do I have to live other than to hurt and die.” I cried and felt arms around and I looked up to see all them hugging me. “ You are wonderful.” Said South.” Your beautiful.” Said North..” Plus your unique.” Both Kuro and Xao said. “ thanks guys.” I sniffled and they kissed my forehead.” Just remeber that Catlyn.” They whispered.” Come on i have to take you back to tomarrow your with Mattew.” Xao said and the others whined.” dont worry guys youll see me soon.” I smiled small and that made them smile too. We left in silence and we got back home and i kissed his cheek.” Thanks.” I turned away a small blush crept on my face and i hurried inside and  shut the door quietly and I  checked and no one was home so i started making supper singing lowly.” All my life i thought i was a mistake so i hurt my self everyday. Thinking ill never be safe anywhere. I cant surive anywhere i go. Even at night as i sleep by the moonlight. Dont you see what i know cant you know what i see. I wont survive no ohh i wont beable to live anymore. For everyday im alive i cut.” Tears rolled down my cheeks but i heard the door and i quickly wiped my eyes and stirred the  noodles.” Hello a bella.” I turned to see Lucaino, Ludwig and Kuro. Kuro gave me a look and i turned away.” h-hello guys im cooking supper.” I cursed myself for stuttering at the begining.” Okay a bella we are a going to wash a up.”   I nodded and they walked off.” Dont get to close its dark inside its where my demons are its where my demons. Breaking in breaking out the apocalspe oh oh. I feel it in my soul to let my demons go welcome to the doom age to the doom age. Ohhhhhhhhhh oh ah oooooooooooh oh ah ready to rock you ready to rock you.”  I chopped more onions and dumped in the pot of noodles then checked the sauce. Today was my day to cook so ill make something i hope they will like. I chopped some celery and phoates and tossed them in another pan along with some shaving of braut wartz and some herbs i found. I also added some oil to it and the  food went good with little sizzles here and there. I stirred the noodles again and found some french bread so I cut some of it and layed it on the table center the checked the meat it was ready same with the noodles. I got the plates ready and put them on the table. Then i went back and got drinks for everyone put it where they sit and started cleaning the kitchen. Midway i heeard .” holy crap this is amazing!” I smiled small knowing it was Al.” Al laguage even though it is amazing.” Ollie. I thought and smiled bigger.” I agree vith the foor.” Kuro said silently.” Better then pancakes eh.” “ Its a even better then a my a pasta.” “ I agree vith you Lucanio. But i do taste a hint of my brauts and your sauce.” “ look its even making Francious smile.”i was shocked big time.” it is delisious.” I knew Xao would hopefully like it.” yes i agree but vho made it.” I knew that russian accent from Viktor.” None of us did so it must of been Catlyn.” I heard Al say surprisingly no cuss words.” oh the poppet makes a wonderful meal.” I smiled to my self and finnished up cleaning noticeing it was awefully quiet I rolled my sleeves down and turned around only to be surprised at everyone behind me.” Catlyn what is on your arm?”” its nothing.” I lied faking a smiles.” Catlyn tell the truth.” Oliver said and I sighed.” Fine I cut.” I looked away afriad what they would say.” Vhy?” Ludwing asked and I held back tears.” Because -” I was cut off by Xao.” Because she is hurt people make fun of her and they hurt her too.” I gave Xao a thank you look and then he nodded smiling small.” Aww dollface we wont hurt you and we wont let others hurt you.” Al said with a grin.” she is an amazing singer too.” Xao said and I blushed.” well poppet would you sing for us?” I nodded to Ollie.” s-sure.” With that they all gave me a hug and went on to get stuff ready for the sleepover. Xao called North and South. Lucanio called his brother S.Italy. Ludwig called his brother Prussia Gilean. Viktor called his two sisters Belarus and Urkraine. Everyone brought blankets and pillows. We set up in the living room and I smiled as Al and Matt argued about who sits where so I llevitated Xao and his brothers to me and I noticed it was  quiet.” What?’ I said and they shook thier heads.” Nothing just forgot about your magic.” The door knocked and it was the nordics too.Everyone was here finally.” okay a people a first Catlyn is a gonna sing a for us.” I blushed darkly when they turned to me.” the song im singing is Silent Scream.” They nodded and i took a deep breath.”I’m caught up in your expectancine.you try to make me live your dream.but im causing you so much frustraion.and you only want the best for me.your wanting me to show more intrest to always keep a big bright smile be that pinky little princess but im not that kind of child. And the storm is rising inside of me. Dontcha feel that our worlds collide? Its getting harder to breath. It hurts deep inside.Just let me be.who i am.Its what you really need to understand. And i hope so hard for the pain to go away. And its tourturing me. But i cant break free.so i cry and cry but just wont get it out. The silent scream.Tell me why you put pressure on me. And everyday you cause me harm. Thats the reaason why i feel so lonely.even though you hold me in your arms.Wanna put me in a box of glitter but im just trying to get out. And now your feeling so so bitter because i let you down.and the storm is rising inside. Dontcha feel feel that our worlds collide? Its getting harder to breath it hurts deep inside. Just let me e who i am its what you really need to understand. And i hope so hard for the pain to go away. And its touturing me. But i cant break free so i cry and cry but just wont get it out. The silent scream. Cant you see how i cry for help. Cause you should of loved me just for being my self. Ill drown in an ocean  of pain and emotion.if you dont save me right away. Just let me be who i am thats what you really need to understand. And i hope so hard for the pain to go away and its tourturing me but i cant break free so i cry and cry but just wont get it out. The silent scream.  My slient scream….” I was in tears at the end.