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  • Everyone who likes fantasy and romance, this is the group for you! Fantasy: all the creatures in the myths; kodama, Yokaï, ayakashi, vampire, werewolf, leprechaun, fairy,... From others; Mototsumitama (see Kurokami on Wikia), aliens with Trans ability, al...  more
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    Character Creator

    Name- Akio (Second person is Kai) Tsuki-chan Age: 16 Race: :Raiju (Translated) The Japanese Bengal. Likes: Anime, neko, music and fighting. Dislikes: Social-bees and really clingy people. Powers: Is an elemental of lightning and gravity control. History- ...
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    June 15, 2016

    The Story RP

    This is the same thing only with a different story. You can choose another scenario, for people who prefer one story over the other and stuff. This could be another version if you say... This time, you start and I'll follow You! Master! Lol!
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    Another Roleplay Chatroom

    This is the 'official' new chatroom, and I repeat: Hey everyone! I hope this group can satisfy you! I would like toadd, please have a clear idea of the story you would like to tell, and weave your whole story into the others to make one big epic! I l...
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    My full History (Just info)

    Riinashiro Shishigami's story. (Feel free to comment.)

    I am a Mototsumitama. I lived in the Pure Land from my clan, the Shishigami, said to be the most powerful clan in the world. Although, we don't like fighting for no reason. We prospered for a very ...
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    Jan 17

    Any webtoon readers here?

    So always have been a big anime lover, but life has been so busy and hectic lately, can't help but reduce watching anime, dependant on manga and comics more now, so, is there any webtoon reader here? Its fun to discuss after reading new chapters, don't ...