New Groups

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    The Neko Hotel

    This is a roleplay group for humans and nekos to get along with each other, make friends, and find love. You can stay temporarily or you can stay permanently. There 5 floors to the hotel. The main floor, the neko's room, the humans room, club room, and th...  more
    led by DeontaeNeko

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    Free for anyone to join, and or role play their favorite parts!
    this is one of my favorite anime's.
    led by Jells

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    ✪Hetalia RP✪

    Exactly what it sounds like. A RP group for my fellow Hetalians.
    led by Colombia

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    Sword art online rp

    I don't see anyone else with Sao so why not
    led by Haruchan1425

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    ✪Start your own story.✪

    Nothing holds you back, start your own adventure here and imagine the craziest things you can do. invent a character, become the character and live in their shoes.

    I'll start

    'I stand there, alone, looking at the beautiful clouds in the sky. And quietly...  more
    led by SakuraChan

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    ✪Fairy Tail Open RP✪

    Fairy Tail Open RP for the mages out there who just wanna Role Play.
    led by MyLittlePotatoe

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    ✪CreepyPasta ℛ℘✪

    This is just a fun roleplay group. And you can have your oc as well
    led by Blockula105

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    Harem Anime!

    This is for peeps who love Harem animes,even Reverse Harem lovers are welcome!
    led by Satomi

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    ✪Anime Magic Academy✪

    If you recieved a letter in the mail saying you are invited to the prestigious school of magic then this place is for you. Walk-ins are welcome as well.

    This school helps you learn whatever magic or power you posess.
    ...  more
    led by Blaze The Cutie

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    Ouran High School Host Club

    Only those with excellent social standing and those from filthy rich families are lucky enough to spend their time here at the elite private school, Ouran academy.
    The Ouran host club is where the school's handsomest boys with too much time on their hands...  more
    led by HaruhiFujioka