New Groups

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    ✪OC Dating/Shipping RolePlay✪

    For all those who love and adore their Oc's, and proudly ship their Oc's! We are shipping Oc's with other Oc's (which yaoi and yuri ships are allowed. ) Mature people only.
    led by Lunar Evershade

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    The Neko Hotel

    This is a roleplay group for humans and nekos to get along with each other, make friends, and find love. You can stay temporarily or you can stay permanently. There 5 floors to the hotel. The main floor, the neko's room, the humans room, club room, and th...  more
    led by DeontaeNeko

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    Free for anyone to join, and or role play their favorite parts!
    this is one of my favorite anime's.
    led by Jells

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    ✪Hetalia RP✪

    Exactly what it sounds like. A RP group for my fellow Hetalians.
    led by Colombia

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    Sword art online rp

    I don't see anyone else with Sao so why not
    led by Haruchan1425

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    ✪Start your own story.✪

    Nothing holds you back, start your own adventure here and imagine the craziest things you can do. invent a character, become the character and live in their shoes.

    I'll start

    'I stand there, alone, looking at the beautiful clouds in the sky. And quietly...  more
    led by SakuraChan

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    ✪Fairy Tail Open RP✪

    Fairy Tail Open RP for the mages out there who just wanna Role Play.
    led by MyLittlePotatoe

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    ✪CreepyPasta ℛ℘✪

    This is just a fun roleplay group. And you can have your oc as well
    led by Blockula105

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    Harem Anime!

    This is for peeps who love Harem animes,even Reverse Harem lovers are welcome!
    led by Satomi

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    ✪Anime Magic Academy✪

    If you recieved a letter in the mail saying you are invited to the prestigious school of magic then this place is for you. Walk-ins are welcome as well.

    This school helps you learn whatever magic or power you posess.
    ...  more
    led by Blaze The Cutie