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    Group 935

    Zombie apocalypse team 935 was created in honor of the original zombie team from COD black ops 2-3 zombies origins, it is an RP group, so new members, feel free to make a ORIGINAL character
    led by Until the End

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    Tales Of

    The group for the Tales of Franchise!

    If you join, please don't spoil or at leas use the SPOILER tag!
    led by Argo

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    Anime Lovers

    This is a community where you can post Anime roleplays! It doesn't matter if it is romance or whatever! Just don't post anything sexual and inappropriate. If u join this group, u must always be polite to the post poeple posts, and what ever you do, have f...  more
    led by Aqua-Chan99

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    Infinite Stratos(IS): Academy

    Once a school for women, a young man named Ichika Orimura, younger brother of Chifuyu Orimura, a former IS Representative of Japan and Mondo Grosso Champion, is admitted into the prestigious academy, after powering up a mech suit, known as an IS. The IS s...  more
    led by уυυтσ-ѕєηραι

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    Anime List

    Post anime and manga lists! Do a top 10 or something (it doesn't have to be 10 haha). I need me some new stuff to watch and read
    led by humanfromearth

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    Everlasting Dream

    Wake up to discover you're not in your bed, but in a large white room, the walls glowing lightly. Computers sit in front of each person in the room. You read the instructions. "Create your character. Create or join a server. After completing these steps, ...  more
    led by Kurisuti

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    Fantasy Adventure Guilds

    This is an action, romance, adventure and fantasy role-play chat. This is a chat that does not have a set story-line or missions set in stone. The only set things are three main guilds that your OC can join. Those are Warrior's Guild, Magic Guild and Ste...  more
    led by Aranisu

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    Fujoshi/Fudanshi group

    An open space to share our love of BL/Yaoi manga/anime! I would request that yuri be discussed on a different group as it doesn't particularly interest me. Please respect each others opinions especially on pairings..
    led by EnglishOtaku

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    BL Webcomics

    Anything about BL webcomics. Discuss what you like/dislike about them. Or share theories about them with others!
    led by WaitingToEscape