New Groups

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    Woa Union

    This group serves as a form of union for those who frequent WoA.

    Think of it as.. an foreign embassy.
    led by Ddos_Dragon

  • 362

    Team Nya

    You have to be loyal!
    Righthand Nya (First Nya): Cly
    General 1:Madcap
    General 2:Mikulover
    led by AThe0ther

  • 435

    Forgotten World

    This is a fantasy rp, any race is allowed. Whether its nagas, wolf hybrid, elf, human, nekos, any race. This is a time where due to a catastrophic accident, the world was affected greatly. In result, reducing the civilians to a medieval like state. Its be...  more
    led by Lunar Evershade

  • 277

    Awkward Conversation Starter and sorta shy so thought I'd give this a shot. Spam memes (not too much though), post tumblr quotes or just chat.
    led by AtlantistoAsgard

  • 270

    Pretty Cure And Glitter Force

    If you enjoy the metaseries precure and glitter force, Please join.
    led by na11

  • 1,564

    Anime school

    A school life roleplay you can use any characters. I will add you if you request it
    led by mikulover

  • 706

    Rise of the Undead

    A zombie apocalypse RP where you struggle to survive with the other survivors from the flesh-eating monsters who once were humans like you.

    ~ 1-2 OCs per person...  more
    led by Cly

  • 305


    This is a fan group made for D.Gray-Man fans! Keep the content appropriate and well.. Have fun~
    led by Izaya Orihara

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    (New members) Icebreaker OC Group

    I decided to make an icebreaker group for all the new members.

    It's just awkward when you want to talk to someone but can't really find the words to do so. So I created this group just for them and yourself.
    ...  more
    led by Blaze The Cutie

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    Isle of Mizuki (OCARP)

    (Stands for Original Character Anime Roleplay)
    1.) Be age appropriate
    2.) Be kind to others...  more
    led by Sutri