New Groups

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    boyfriend and girlfriend relationship

    if u been in one for more then a year it will been fun on here
    led by Bubbles

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    OC cafe romance (aaww)

    Create and/or use an old/new OC and let the romance b gin! It all starts in a cafe where you and a few friends meet up. What goes on next? It's up to you!
    led by Itachi Uchiha

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    Jindai Soccer Club!

    ★ ✩★ ✩★ ✩★ ✩★ ✩★

    In Tachikawa, Japan, the
    Jindai High School soccer
    club is facing a horr...  more
    led by Ayane

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    Angels Vs. Devils

    This idea was originally Blaze The Cutie's idea but she allowed me to make the group.

    This is just romance or whatever you want. If any post falls in NSFW, then take it to one on one chat. Everyone is welcome here.
    led by Cherry

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    Oc Dating RP

    No powers. Normal Oc, no weapons either.

    Gender:...  more
    led by Kurumi Tokisaki

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    Thé Atlantians~

    Have you ever just sat and started at the ocean and wondered what it would be like to be a fish? Of course you have, if you havnt you had no childhood. Swim with the dolphins or heck you can be a dolphin if you want. You can be any fish or mythical underw...  more
    led by Acid

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    Collision (Work In Progress)

    This will be based on a book I am currently writing. Once all main characters are established, then it will be good to go.

    I need help writing my story so I'm doing this RP method to help me.
    ...  more
    led by Blaze The Cutie

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    Kamisama Roleplay

    A battle for power between the Demons and the Gods. A romantic, comedy, action and more!
    You can choose in which timeline you want the roleplay to be in, and where you want it! Everything is permitted!
    led by Susu-chan

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    Duke Venomania's Madness

    The story takes place in Asmodean, 18th century, as Duke Al Venomania greets another woman who approaches his mansion. He explains how he made a deal with the devil to have an irresistible charisma to women; as a result, women flock to his mansion's basem...  more
    led by Merli

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    Demon Wars

    There are many factions of demons in the underworld and of course being demon they fight for territory. But the two strongest factions are constantly at war, these factions are the Fire Demons and the Shadow Demons.

    Pick a side! Fight for your faction! ...  more
    led by Acid