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    To my darling... ❤️

    Make your perfect romance! I'm sure most of you have seen those perfect couples at school, right? Yes of course you have! I mean always cuddling, hugging, and in general being super adorable with each other. Well here's your chance to be that perfect coup...  more
    led by Acid

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    WW2 RP

    A Very simple idea that Germany managed to hold off the Allies for a little longer and make counter Offensives. Starting the Second Decade of the World war. Japan is at its knee's from the Atmoic Bomb, Italy has Given up. Germany is alone against 3 Super ...  more
    led by Ketsueki Malrina

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    Maids vs Butlers

    Witness the fight between the Royal Maids and the Royal Butlers, as they both try to please their Masters as much as possible! This is a comedy, romance and ecchi RP group, including other, such as violence and stuff. Yuri, Yaoi allowed. Make your charact...  more
    led by Coco

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    The story line that doesn't really exist here

    This group isn't really supposed to have a consistent story line. One minute the rp can be romance, the next it can be horror, as long as you keep the rp going, it can be as inconsistent as you want it to be.
    led by Dirk Strider

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    all the cuddles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    cuddles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thats all there is to it
    led by Ilan

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    Pirate Adventures!

    Have all your adventures on the sea! Pirates, are free! They do what they want and they have all the things they desire. But how does it feel, to see a pirate ship with girls?? The Sunset Pearl is a ship who goes all over the Seven Seas and is populated b...  more
    led by Susu-chan

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    Be my penguin?

    " Did you know that when a penguin finds its mate, they stay together for the rest of their lives?"
    This rp has nothing to do with penguins but at the same time has everything to do with penguins. You can be any race you want to be but you must find love...  more
    led by Ilan

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    Σ(゜ロ゜;) Weeaboo

    All about manga and anime. Anything goes~ o(≧∇≦o)
    led by Izzy

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    Meme club

    All the cool kids are here, so you should be too
    led by Thomas

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    High School Of the dead

    The year is 2019, and things seem normal. That is until that split second you decide to skip class and witness the beginning of the destruction of the world. You and a group of survivors leave the high school, now filled with walking corpses, for a chanc...  more
    led by KawaiiKitty02