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    ✪Slave, Servants And Maids ℛ℘✪

    buy what ever slave you like
    1: Please ask before adding hentai... we are all good people who wish not to be scared... so please do all "That" in a private post...
    2: you have to be a master or a slave/servant/maid
    led by Blockula105

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    ✪Cannibal Kingdom ℛ℘✪

    a kingdom of royals that have a taste for flesh..
    Will you be a maid or servant that cooks and prepares the "food"... or be the things on the menu.... they also sometimes serve live so you can see as your sadly eaten..... some of the meals are healed wit...  more
    led by Blockula105

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    War with the Gods

    This is a fantasy/action/adventure RP that I had an idea about for some time.
    Greed, Gluttony, Pride, Envy, Sloth, Lust, and Wrath. These seven were the gods of this world. But not to be praised or worshiped, instead feared. They have done nothing but sp...  more
    led by Blake

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    Mysitc Wolves RP

    This RP is about three groups of wolves who are fighting to take back the land they all think is theirs! But these aren't just any wolves, each wolf has a power and each leader of the three packs has two! The three parks are called Fire Breath, Wings of T...  more
    led by Wolf

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    Oc Highschool Rp

    Your all students and its your first year of highschool! Prepare for the drama, romance, fangirling moments and more! Anything goes which includes cursing, blood, gore, ecchi, romance, anything! Hope you enjoy! ^.^ ( Teachers and other schol staff are all...  more
    led by Deliora665

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    Indian movies (manga, animation & normal)

    Here you can watch all the Indian manga movies I post. Some might not entirely be manga manga, but they are cool to watch! If you liked one of them very much, you can do a fanfic in the chat room. Have fun! Enjoy!
    (I might also post a few film who have no...  more
    led by Susu-chan

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    Special Roleplay

    Hello and welcome to this group! This group is about anime, romance, adventure, action, etc. So what I'm trying to say is!! That this rp you can rp anything! You can act like anything! Go wild! There will be different chat rooms for people ^^ That's why i...  more
    led by Norakow

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    Dear Sakura Tree...

    This is a kawaii, yuri/romance roleplay. I'd prefer if people kept it lighthearted.

    This takes place at Tsaobaki Academy, a rich school for girls, located in the town of Kumikami, Japan.
    ...  more
    led by Miyuki

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    War Among Legends

    I am writing a story called 'War among Legends but I wanted to make it into an rp and see what its like. The original story is in a medieval setting, so if you could please use a medieval setting as well. Anyway romance and all that is permitted as well a...  more
    led by Deliora665

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    Kaneki's new little rp group :)

    a group where anything goes unless it is racist, sexist, or rude but other then that have fun
    led by kanekikigarashi