New Groups

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    The Chronicles of Life and Death

    This is a roleplay group for my story, The Chronicles of Life and Death. OCs can only be human, or spirits/ghosts.
    led by Dirk Strider

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    ✘ No Redemption For A Sinner Such As I ✘ (18+ Rp)

    Shortly after escaping a high security prison during a large scale riot, a group of hardened criminals decides to band together to elude capture from the authorities. Their pictures and names are listed on every news channel in the country along with the ...  more
    led by Felice Siegal

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    ❤Romance & Fantasy❤

    Everyone who likes fantasy and romance, this is the group for you! Fantasy: all the creatures in the myths; kodama, Yokaï, ayakashi, vampire, werewolf, leprechaun, fairy,... From others; Mototsumitama (see Kurokami on Wikia), aliens with Trans ability, al...  more
    led by Susu-chan

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    ~OC Roleplay~

    Do whatever the hell you want! As long as you have your own OC(s) so you can RP with others
    led by Kitty

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    ✪ChaØticØutcasts WebComic✪

    This is just art and stuff my friends make for a small comic and i hope you enjoy
    led by Blockula105

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    (Bad Lands) Tokyo Sucks

    his role-play is about tokyo and a bunch of gangs hidden in the depths of tokyo there is gangsters leaders and loners who rant in any gang but are wild out in the streets of tokyo you start off as an ordinary person and slowly get caught up in all the act...  more
    led by Dark

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    The Forsaken

    Ancient Civilization, Fantasy, Post Apocalyptic RP,

    Rockets, space ships... Really anything that could fly into space scurried from earth. Leaving behind the poor, the old and the unwanted to die as a massive meteorite was about to hit. You are one of ...  more
    led by Termite

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    Alternate universe for OCs

    If you want to make the personalities of your OCs the exact opposite of what they are now and roleplay with other people's opposite personality OCs, then look no further, cause i have got the group for you!
    led by Dirk Strider

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    Homestuck RP

    Act like you zodiac troll or play as your favorite troll
    led by Aranea Serket

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    Anime Fan Club

    list all the anime that you like, and let's see which anime has the most likes
    led by Yarito