New Groups

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    ✪ ChaØticØutcasts ℛ℘✪

    Everything anime,Cartoon.vampires. well really anything... is here.. in the world of Otakuverse! Have Fun!
    led by Blockula105

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    ❤Romance & Fantasy❤

    Everyone who likes fantasy and romance, this is the group for you! Fantasy: all the creatures in the myths; kodama, Yokaï, ayakashi, vampire, werewolf, leprechaun, fairy,... From others; Mototsumitama (see Kurokami on Wikia), aliens with Trans ability, al...  more
    led by Susu-chan

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    ✪OC Dating/Shipping RolePlay✪

    For all those who love and adore their Oc's, and proudly ship their Oc's! We are shipping Oc's with other Oc's (which yaoi and yuri ships are allowed. ) Mature people only.
    led by Lunar Evershade

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    ✪Anime Magic Academy✪

    If you recieved a letter in the mail saying you are invited to the prestigious school of magic then this place is for you. Walk-ins are welcome as well.

    This school helps you learn whatever magic or power you posess.
    ...  more
    led by Blaze The Cutie

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    To my darling... ❤️

    Make your perfect romance! I'm sure most of you have seen those perfect couples at school, right? Yes of course you have! I mean always cuddling, hugging, and in general being super adorable with each other. Well here's your chance to be that perfect coup...  more
    led by Acid

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    ✪ChaØticØutcasts WebComic✪

    This is just art and stuff my friends make for a small comic and i hope you enjoy
    led by Blockula105

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    ✪Slave, Servants And Maids ℛ℘✪

    buy what ever slave you like
    1: Please ask before adding hentai... we are all good people who wish not to be scared... so please do all "That" in a private post...
    2: you have to be a master or a slave/servant/maid
    led by Blockula105

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    Oc Highschool Rp

    Your all students and its your first year of highschool! Prepare for the drama, romance, fangirling moments and more! Anything goes which includes cursing, blood, gore, ecchi, romance, anything! Hope you enjoy! ^.^ ( Teachers and other schol staff are all...  more
    led by Deliora665

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    ✪CreepyPasta ℛ℘✪

    This is just a fun roleplay group. And you can have your oc as well
    led by Blockula105

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    ✪The castle of the sky to castle of the earth Rp✪

    A medieval RP about a kingom in the clouds, and a kingdom on the ground. Join us and choose where you wanna be.
    led by Megumi