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  • Toby im here !!!
    Jun 5

  • tien. New here. Kind of busy.
    Jul 7

  • suigara personal, anxiety So I haven't been on in a really long time mainly because I forgot how to spell the url but once I was able to find it again I'm too nervous to interact with anyone. Even being here looking at other posts and stuff makes me really nervous and lonely. I'd like to make new friends but I'm too anxious to interact with anyone or even post frequently.
    Jul 7

  • DarkDangem hi everyone!!
    Jul 7

  • Izumi (AmberVampyrSoulSugarDemon) // Why is it that the new people signing up disappear? Did this thing crash again? Has anyone else noticed this. Where are Kinzou and Keiichi? They disappeared again? This place isn't stable like I though it would be. 
    Jul 6

  • Izaya Orihara Man.. wish I still had a passion for drrr so I could go on here more.. But uh ffxv, you know what I'm sayin?
    Apr 4

  • Bluetopaz2223 DERPEDY DERP DERP
    Apr 22

  • mivaz i love (king avatar)
    May 19