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  • DarkandDeath I wouldn\'t come and talk to me if I were you...\n
    Apr 24

  • LilyShadowedDemon Come on! I don\'t bite!\n
    Apr 18

  • Shayra H-hi...\n
    Apr 21

  • Levi Tch...I don\'t care if you message or not cadets\n
    Apr 20

  • Blockula105 ITS FINNALLY DONE
    Apr 11

  • DemonKazV This site is a bit more barren than I had anticipated. 
    Feb 25

  • Naomi I found out someone actually stole my name..T~T
    Feb 1

  • Mob

  • Tone I don't get why he's doing this
    May 2

  • Stef I remember this place. It's dead now, but it used to thrive.
    May 6