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Doraemon Transformer Turns into a (Non-Functioning) Time Machine


Everyone’s favorite robot cat from the future is now more than meets the eye!


A new “Complete Transformation Doraemon” toy, “powered by Transformers,” is on its way from Takara Tomy. Using the toy tech we all know and love, this future friend can be turned into a toy version of the iconic time machine from the Doraemon manga and anime.



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The toy comes with multiple cool bonuses. First off, the Complete Strategy Book traces the history of both Doraemon and his time machine. The booklet includes art from the manga, as well as commentary from celebrities who also happen to be Doraemon fans.



The Complete Robot Index Book offers a full run-down of all the robots appearing in Doraemon and Doraemon Long Stories:



A specially designed base lets you display the toy in its time machine form as though it’s flying through the timestream:



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A diorama art board showcases the toy in both its transformations:



Last but most certainly not least, we can look forward to new package art by Transformers artist Hidetsugu Yoshioka.


The toy is now available for pre-order, and is priced at 12,903 yen (tax included). The first pre-order deadline is May 31, 2023; if the product proves to be especially popular, there may be a second round of pre-orders. Doraemon will be released for general sale on June 28.


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