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Episode 12 – Buddy Daddies

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This finale write-up is method overdue, however work has been completely insane as of late. I really like writing opinions, however the realities of my job make it actually tough to squeeze the time in. Thankfully, come subsequent season, we’ve got a extra sturdy editorial workers, so I will not be juggling fairly so many plates!

This was an ideal send-off to Kazuki, Rei, and Miri’s story. I am not thrilled with each determination main as much as this, like icing her mother, however the closing showdown with Rei’s dad completely punctuated the emotional journey of this household. Rei and Kazuki infiltrate the group’s compound on the pretense of “simply wanting to speak” to Rei’s dad. In equity, that is true. Rei does simply speak to his father with all of the familiarity a son can have in the direction of a person that made him kill canines and seek advice from him solely as “Boss.” The dialogue is much less about profitable his father over and extra a few battle of resolve.

Rei is unwilling to concede to his father’s authority on what makes a household. He has routinely touted that Rei’s blood dictates his destiny and binds him to be a killer, however whereas Rei has swallowed his disagreement in earlier episodes, he would not again down this time. He is leaving, dedicating himself to his household, and all of the great moments he skilled outdoors his father’s domineering gaze have introduced him out of the shadows. He ends the dialogue by willingly maiming himself, completely taking him out of the operating as inheritor to a household of assassins.

I additionally can not help however surprise if Rei’s father has lied to himself all these years as a way of necessity or if he really regrets ‘enjoying household’ as a substitute of embracing it. That is likely to be why he lets Rei go away. Or, he may merely really feel like he misplaced the argument, and Rei’s resolve is stronger. They make it again for Miri’s Christmas efficiency, and all’s effectively for the little household. The flashforward was particularly cute, as we see Rei, Kazuki, and Miri have settled in a seaside city and opened a diner the place Rei solely makes french toast, and Kazuki has a questionable goatee. They throw in a totally pointless “btw Kazuki dates girls tho,” however I can not even be mad at it. I am simply glad all of them made it out collectively.

The motion sequences had been stellar, and it jogs my memory that I nonetheless want there had been slightly extra of this all through the season. The confrontation with Ogino was particularly intense, however seeing his little pocket book burn as much as smithereens was satisfying. It was additionally a pleasant twist to have him unable to have any final phrases himself (what with the entire knife to the throat) after his monologue about how solely phrases stay on after dying. Ogino will die a heavy and be forgotten.

I actually loved my time with this collection. It wasn’t precisely what I anticipated, however its emotional core was real. The SpyxFamily comparisons had been inevitable, however Buddy Daddies defines itself as a worthwhile story about discovered household, grief, and discovering what makes life value residing.


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