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Neighborhood rating: 4.3


“So lovely, but so melancholic.” A becoming line for the present and its finale. Revenger ends its nice season on a terrific be aware in episode 12.

Our huge motion set piece is as thrilling as you would need or anticipate. There are many nice one-on-one fights with fascinating weapons and gory aftereffects. This needs to be the most important battle but regardless of there having been motion many of the season. Mainly, everybody will get an opportunity to do one thing outrageous or fascinating. Thrown blades being redirected by tossed playing cards, arching bow photographs that kill lengthy after the shooter has been wounded—it is precisely what I needed from the finale. Revenger has managed to experience the road between over-the-top absurdity and grounded realism fairly effectively. This amps up the absurdity whereas making the results simply as palpable as they need to be. There are not any dramatic escapes or fortunate turns of destiny right here—solely violent ends for violent folks.

Usui’s battle with the large dangerous is maybe the very best kill he will get all season. There is a transient monologue, but it surely goes precisely as you’d anticipate: the villain will get his simply desserts, weeping as he appears to be like on Saint Mary after which plummets to a gory splat of an finish. It is cathartic, visceral, and ever-so-satisfying.

Raizo’s ending is bittersweet but becoming. He by no means actually forgives himself regardless of the artwork that he made and finally ends up passing on although he was arguably a useless man strolling this complete time. Maybe the firefly on the finish was Yui forgiving him in spite of everything. Maybe, it was merely his spirit leaving his physique. Regardless, revenge has been carried out: the villains defeated, and the opium destroyed. It’s as completely satisfied an ending as one can get in a merciless world.

Total, I am unable to advocate the collection sufficient. Wonderful idea, terrific characters, heavy themes, and fascinating characters contained in top-shelf writing from Gen Urobuchi. I’ll miss this being in my rotation subsequent season.


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