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Episode 6 – My Clueless First Friend

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Possibly it isn’t all the time the case, however I believe it is most likely extra widespread than not: when a bunch of youngsters turns towards one member, it isn’t as a result of everybody hates or means to bully that individual, it is as a result of one or two loud, highly effective folks within the group are so insistent. We have already seen that Hino wasn’t actively concerned in bullying Nishimura, and when he and Takada turned mates, he simply calmly accepted Nishimura as a part of the deal. This week we see that the identical is probably going true of Umi, Hino’s outdated pal. Umi hasn’t actively been bullying Nishimura, and like Hino, has largely been within the background of the category, passively taking part in Nishimura’s isolation. However she’s mates with Hino (and has a crush on him), so when Hino and Nishimura change into mates, Umi tacitly accepts Nishimura into her circle as properly. Sure, she desires particularly to ask what to provide Hino for his birthday, however that feels slightly bit like an excuse to speak to the opposite lady, particularly since she finally ends up getting him a baseball cap and never a tank high.

That means that there have actually simply been two main gamers contributing to Nishimura’s isolation and bullying: Kitagawa and Kasahara. Kitagawa is the loudest voice, and he’ll take any likelihood he will get to select on his goal, as we see when he nominates her for sophistication consultant. He is aware of she will not wish to do it, but in addition that she’s unlikely to refuse the nomination as a result of that will danger portray an excellent bigger goal on her again. It is one of many few instances the place his nasty little technique works, though that is not strictly on account of his actions – when Takada additionally volunteers (as, arguably, Kitagawa knew he would), Kasahara jumps into the fray as properly. Kasahara is wanting particularly to separate up Nishimura and Takada primarily based on her crush on him, and he or she’s prepared to make use of all the imply phrases she has at her disposal to do it. That she finally ends up caught as the category consultant with simply Nishimura after Takada bows out seems like her simply desserts, though I am involved about her being in such shut proximity with Nishimura, opening theme however.

Of the 2 main bullies, I believe Kitagawa is the extra insidious. Kasahara is motivated solely by jealousy and her aspirational teenagehood, and he or she’s not fairly good sufficient to have discovered that all the things she tries to get Takada away from Nishimura blows up in her face, typically spectacularly. However Kitagawa is simply good sufficient to select his phrases in order that he lands a success on Nishimura, though Takada manages to flip them again round on him each time. It’s getting in order that Kitagawa is at an elevated danger of slicing off his nostril to spite his face, as we see with the shock celebration for Hino, however he is had a very long time to wreck Nishimura’s psyche and shallowness. If it seems that he is doing all of this as a result of he likes her, I believe I would throw up, presumably whereas screaming.

Machinations of the bullies apart, this episode has some spectacular moments between our two leads. Their giddy delight at sitting subsequent to one another (whereas poor Hino pouts) is cute, however even that pales compared to Takada’s mind short-circuiting for a second when he sees Nishimura in pigtails and his earnest want to put on his hair like that, too; that the latter results in Hino executing a Kitagawa phrase flip simply makes it even higher. Takada could also be “clueless,” however this week he is beginning to determine a number of issues out – strictly talking, that does not have to occur, however understanding that he is all the time bought Nishimura’s again and that now Hino does too, is without doubt one of the most stunning issues this season.


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