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Episodes 1-3 – The Misfit of Demon King Academy II

(*Observe: The overview of the primary episode is copy-pasted from once I reviewed it for The Winter 2023 Preview Guide—which additionally consists of two extra opinions of this episode from different ANN reviewers. The episode 2 and three opinions are fully new.)

Episode 1:

Is that an 8-pack or a 14-pack?
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You understand, regardless of reviewing each episode of the primary season right here on ANN and genuinely having fun with the sequence, I’ve to say I by no means anticipated a second season of The Misfit of Demon King Academy. In spite of everything, every little thing was tied up fairly effectively on the finish of the season, with the false demon king’s objectives and true id revealed—in addition to these of the manipulative puppet grasp seeking to make the most of the chaos.

And whereas I am comfortable that the present is again, this wasn’t an excellent season premiere. Oh positive, we obtained some nice scenes of Anos being Anos—i.e., an unstoppable badass that does not play by your guidelines even if you happen to’re a god—and most of the characters from the previous arcs of the story make an look. We even get the continuation of Lay and Misa’s relationship and a cute second with Anos, Sasha, and Misha. It is due to all this that the episode scored as excessive because it does.

The issue is that the remainder of the episode is a sizzling mess. There may be simply a lot thrown at us. Anos killing gods, Shin’s relationship with the Queen of the Spirits, the seek for a god-child able to killing Anos, the category studying that Anos is the true Demon King reborn, the planning of a competition to announce Anos’ rebirth to the world, and, lastly, the 4 Darkish Kings and the riot towards Anos’ peaceable period… I imply, it is quite a bit to absorb—particularly with all the right nouns and new characters launched. Truthfully, this appears like three episodes crammed into one.

In the long run, I hope this was both an remoted mistake or was finished to provide the remainder of the second season room to breathe. As a result of if the remainder of the episodes are this hectic, we would have been higher off with no second season in any respect.

Episode 1 Ranking:

Episode 2:

So you propose to tackle two of the strongest demons of their technology with nothing however a magic sword? Good luck with that.
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Whereas the primary episode of The Misfit of Demon King Academy‘s second season felt rushed, this episode is the alternative. Whereas it is action-packed and provides us a ton of little teases in regards to the overarching thriller of the season (i.e., who’s the god baby?), this episode’s principal concern is resolving all of the cliffhangers it arrange final episode one after one other.

With Anos, we’ve a recreation of Twenty Questions—besides there’re solely 9 questions (at Anos’ insistence that he wants to provide his enemy an acceptable handicap), and the answerer can lie as soon as. Whereas the sport looks like it is going to grant some revelations at first, Anos can rapidly deduce that one thing fishy is occurring—it seems that the answerer should be mendacity greater than as soon as regardless of the sport’s guidelines. This can be a cool little thriller. How will you lie with out mendacity—particularly when the questions are “sure” or “no”? Whereas the reply to this riddle is magical, it was arrange effectively within the first season: memory-altering magic. In the event you assume you might be telling the reality, even when it would not make sense, you might be protected against the magical pact.

In fact, because of this recreation itself is a entice—one designed to kill Melheis and thus weaken Anos’ total energy. Nonetheless, if this sequence has taught us one factor, it is that Anos by no means loses. Full cease. If loss of life, destiny, and the gods themselves cannot take him out, some low-rank demon would not stand an opportunity. With the opportunity of defeat out of the query, the enjoyable turns into making an attempt to determine how Anos will win—and what we get is a suitably over-the-top clarification that exhibits us how Anos received even earlier than the sport started.

Nonetheless, if he already received earlier than it even began, it raises the query of why Anos allowed the sport to go on in any respect. As he was being attacked, he knew his mates and followers had been additionally. It is right here that we get a little bit of delicate storytelling. It isn’t that Anos is cold-hearted, keen to sacrifice them for a possible scrap of knowledge; he’s assured they’ll all win their particular person fights even with out his interference. And, after all, Anos being Anos, he is proper.

As soon as once more, it is not a recreation of “if” our heroes will win however moderately “how” they’ll win. Lay makes use of the truth that he has seven souls in a single physique to catch his and Misa’s attacker off guard. In the meantime, Eleonore exploits that she is now not the magic she was initially and is now a part of Anos’ magic to win.

Then again, Misha and Sasha have a way more difficult time combating towards a demon whose invisible sword takes any form she imagines—together with bodily not possible ones. This made melee and ranged fight troublesome to the purpose that Sasha was struck down. This causes Misha to do one thing seemingly not possible to win immediately: summoning Demon Fortress Delsgade—i.e., Anos’ fortress constructed from the corpse of the lifeless god of destruction.

Their opponent takes this as an indication that Misha is the god baby—however this looks like a purple herring when you concentrate on it. Even earlier than coaching with Anos, Misha was already extra highly effective than almost each fashionable demon. Furthermore, her magic eyes enable her to create issues magically with unimaginable element. Since Anos summoned the fortress within the climactic battle final season, she in all probability simply copied it together with her “Iris” creation magic moderately than summoning it.

Furthermore, as Misha and Sasha point out, they know precisely how they had been created—they had been there due to Anos’ time journey magic. Extra than simply witnessing it, they fused with their fractured souls in the mean time of conception to create the paradox that allowed them to proceed residing. And even when they nonetheless one way or the other missed some divine intervention, it is unlikely Anos would have.

Regardless, the “god baby” thriller is shaping as much as be a great one as every of our six supporting characters has a ton of secrets and techniques wrapped round themselves and their origins and might do any variety of issues that peculiar individuals can not. After which there’s the extra layer that we all know subsequent to nothing in regards to the god baby—not even why they might go from being Anos’ loyal good friend to making an attempt to kill him.

Episode 2 Ranking:

Episode 3:

Excessive magical velocity studying.
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Episode 3 follows our heroes as they enterprise out on their subject journey to the spirit lands. And when it comes right down to it, it appears like they’re strolling headlong right into a entice. Anos and Sasha conveniently run into a lady with amnesia who occurs to be going to the identical place and even has the trace they should get there. Likewise, once they enter the spirit academy, they’re trapped inside its grounds till at the very least one among them passes the commencement exams—and it is apparent that Misha and Anos at the very least might accomplish that with little effort. It is solely Anos’ impatience and pleasure that add any main stakes to the entire ordeal.

All this appears like somebody who is aware of Anos very effectively is giving him easy-to-overcome trials to make him act in particular methods. I would not be stunned if every little thing we have seen has been designed solely to get Anos to summon Venuzdonoa and Delsgade to the spirit lands. In spite of everything, whereas having each in his grasp places Anos at his full energy, they’re each constructed from the physique of a lifeless god—and if somebody is seeking to change destiny, these can be the instruments to take action.

In fact, the large query right here is “why.” If Shin is the Spirit King, because the present has hinted, there isn’t any obvious have to undergo this tune and dance. Anos cares deeply for his subordinates, and even when he had been unwilling to do precisely what they needed him to do, he’d nonetheless discover a strategy to get them what they need by means of a distinct means. Thus, the one logical conclusion is that the Spirit King shouldn’t be loyal to Anos (or, at the very least, not primarily).

Then we get to the 4 Evil Kings and their betrayal. In contrast to the Seven Demon Elders, they don’t appear to have been created by Anos—which means there are not any ties of blood between them to maintain them on his aspect. Nonetheless, they clearly know him and his energy and have nonetheless determined to assault him straight and aspect with the Spirit King—regardless that they dislike one another. This means they’ve one thing to achieve personally—one thing that the Spirit King may give them, however Anos cannot. And Anos being Anos, it is laborious to guess what that could possibly be. But it surely does make for one more good thriller going ahead.

Episode 3 Ranking:

Random Ideas:

• Watch the large divulge to the thriller be that the god baby is definitely a random villager we have by no means seen earlier than, and every little thing we have skilled has been a giant waste of time.

• The reveal that Lay had lower the sword in two earlier than it pierced Misa was improbable.

• I discover it humorous that Misa simply stood there the entire combat and did nothing. I suppose she thought Lay had it dealt with (which he did) and did not wish to get in the way in which?

• I like that everybody appears to neglect that Anos is a lot sturdy even with out magic.

• Oof. Being remodeled into an owl who cannot lie—enjoyable punishment there.

• I am stunned that Sasha and Misha did not fuse as soon as issues began to go badly.

• If the dangerous guys deliberate to whittle down Anos’ forces, they positive completed a giant load of nothing.

• Shifting the moon may be inside Anos’ energy, however I am fairly positive he prompted a number of tidal waves.

• I am comfortable to see Misha informed Anos and Sasha about creating her copy of Delsgade. This looks like a type of factors that could possibly be performed for affordable drama (by having or not it’s stored a secret) however having it out within the open is way extra trustworthy to Misha’s character—particularly given her fanatical belief in Anos.

• Anos reads each e-book within the library directly. Misha can solely take up half of the books in that very same time. Sasha absorbs nothing. If I had been Sasha, I would ask Misha to fuse after which learn the books collectively that manner utilizing their mixed demon eyes.

• One other doable purpose for the exams might have been to separate Anos from his companions—assuming solely he (and maybe the mysterious woman) would have the ability to rush by means of the exams.

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