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Episodes 1-3 – Tokyo Revengers: Christmas Showdown

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It has been a short while, however the tough and rowdy teenage psychopaths of the Tokyo Manji gang are again. You possibly can learn my impressions of the primary episodes of the season here, however the cliff notes model is that Christmas Showdown has to date picked up proper the place final season left off, for each good and unwell.

For the nice, we choose up proper the place that unbelievable cliffhanger left off and get a lot greater stakes and a clearer image of what Takemichi wants to perform previously. He is acquired to cease the merging of Toman with their rival, Black Dragon, and determine why Kisaki is so obsessive about Hina. These are good, clear targets that separate it from earlier conflicts whereas promising to reply one of many longest-standing questions concerning the story’s greatest villain. With Future Takemichi in jail, we cannot be getting any extra journeys to the long run till this complete factor is solved, which ought to enable for a a lot tighter story. Black Dragon are an instantly intimidating risk, to the purpose the place it is arduous to see how even Mikey may beat them. That is all a superb setup for a brand new arc.

The unwell principally comes from pacing and supply. A lot of the Bloody Halloween storyline boiled all the way down to Takemichi being dragged between completely different characters and having issues defined to him, typically with him loudly repeating every part for the viewers. It acquired tiring rapidly, and that actual labored exposition is in full pressure right here. Episode one had the excuse of building a brand new established order for the Future half of the story. Nonetheless, every part after that has no justification for a way repetitive and sluggish it’s.

“Wait, that man is the chief of Black Dragon? However Hakkai known as him his brother? Does that imply that this man…he is Hakkai’s brother? So if that man is the chief of Black Dragon…that will imply Hakkai’s brother…is the chief of Black Dragon!”

So goes third of Takemichi’s internal monologue throughout episodes two and three. He reacts to each revelation with slow-witted shock as he items the obvious info collectively in his closely concussed mind. By the point we’re flashing again to scenes from 30 seconds prior, it feels just like the present is enjoying a prank on the viewers. Certainly it could not presumably suppose we’re so inattentive that we could not determine this out with out having it spelled out in our hero’s head, proper? It is excruciating and solely mitigated by the brand new characters and story being fairly fascinating in their very own proper.

Largely I actually love Hakkai. He is acquired a fantastic design, together with his blue hair standing out among the many remainder of Toman and his unsettling eyes ensuring you already know he is harmful. However like lots of the Toman crew, he is additionally only a cool man to hang around with, all the way down to trounce Takemichi at billiards or whack-a-mole in good humor earlier than declaring them bros. He is an instantly likable character that encapsulates Toman’s brutal delinquent aspect whereas highlighting that these guys are all nonetheless awkward youngsters who blush when women discuss to them. The hook that his older brother is the vicious chief of Black Dragon is an effective way to make this new battle private, and from the way in which Taiju treats his youthful siblings, you nearly surprise if Hakkai killing him sooner or later would not be all that dangerous.

On high of all that, we additionally, mercifully, have someone previously who’s in on Takemichi’s secret. Chifuyu was mainly the actual protagonist of the earlier arc, so bringing him in is just deserved. Extra straight, it ought to imply we’re not caught with Takemichi attempting to kickstart the hamster wheel in his cranium over each downside, releasing him as much as be the emotional coronary heart of the story reasonably than the mind. If that occurs, I am optimistic that Christmas Showdown is usually a good current beneath the tree, not a lump of coal.


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