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Fantasy is Farcical in The Legendary Hero is Dead! TV Anime Trailer

Touka Scott (in the body of the legendary hero Shion Bladearts) looks particularly haggard as he spots his reflection in a mirror in a scene from the upcoming The Legendary Hero is Dead! TV anime.


A wacky new trailer, a brand new key visible and new solid members have all been revealed for The Legendary Hero is Lifeless! (recognized in Japan as Yuusha ga Shinda!), an upcoming TV anime primarily based on the comedian fantasy manga by Subaruichi about an strange farmer who has to face in for the hero after by accident killing the individual destined to avoid wasting the world from the forces of darkness.


The brand new solid members embody:


Kyle Osment voiced by Yuichi Nakamura:


A character setting showing the front, side, and rear views of Kyle Osment from the upcoming The Legendary Hero is Dead! TV anime. Kyle is a handsome young man with spikey blonde hair and green eyes. He wears an adventuring outfit featuring a long black and white overcoat with gold trim, black gloves, and gray boots.



Millie Eunice voiced by Sakura Shinfuku:

A character setting featuring the front, side, and rear views of Millie Eunice from the upcoming The Legendary Hero is Dead! TV anime. Millie is a young woman with blonde hair in a side ponytail and blue eyes. She wears an adventuring outfit that combines plate armor with a black and white maid uniform as well as a long red cloak and thigh high brown leather boots. Millie also carries a broadsword strapped to her back.




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The unique The Legendary Hero is Dead! manga is serialized in Japan by Shogakukan of their Ura Sunday shonen manga journal and on their Manga One digital manga app, and an English language version can be obtainable from Shogakukan Asia. Crunchyroll describes the story of the sequence as follows:


Far to the north of the world lies Hell’s Gate, a portal previously utilized by the Demon Lord to invade the human realm. Due to the legendary hero Shion Bladearts, wielder of Excalibur, and his loyal band of companions, the Gate was sealed off and the demonic menace was vanquished.

Sadly, the seal was incomplete and has begun to weaken, permitting the demons to as soon as once more start their assault. Anxious concerning the security of his village, egocentric and perverted farmer Touka Scott digs pitfalls to defend in opposition to the demons. However concern not, for Shion is on his approach to reseal Hell’s Gate and save humanity!

Or no less than he was, as a result of the legendary hero is lifeless, having fallen into one of many pitfalls Touka dug. Fortunately, coping with the lifeless is the specialty of necromancer Anri Haynesworth. Whereas she will’t revive him, Anri can no less than salvage their quest by forcing Touka’s soul into Shion’s rotting physique and dragging him alongside to Hell’s Gate in Shion’s place. Not desirous to be left behind, Touka’s childhood good friend Yuna Yunis tags alongside. Collectively, the three of them set out as what simply may be probably the most unsuitable get together to ever attempt to save the world!


A new key visual for the upcoming The Legendary Hero is Dead! TV anime featuring the main cast posing in their adventuring outfits in front of the backdrop of a medieval fantasy town and castle.


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The Legendary Hero is Lifeless! TV anime is directed by Rion Kujo and options animation manufacturing by Liden Movies. The sequence is scheduled to broadcast in Japan starting in April of 2023, and it’ll additionally stream on Crunchyroll as a part of the spring 2023 anime simulcast lineup.


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