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FEATURE: The 10 Best Animation Moments of Mob Psycho 100

mob psycho 100

Since the first season of 2016, Mob Psycho 100 has provided a lot of content. There’s a lot to love about this show, from the depths of its characters’ hearts, to their deep opinions about whether or not someone is special. But I’m not here to talk about what makes this show so good beneath the surface, I’m here to contemplate the sheen, surface glamor of the visual spectacle that the artists in the studio brought to us BONES(* so talented .).

Yes, we’re here to recap the best moments from the show’s three seasons from an anime standpoint.

Intro – Season 1 Episode 1

It seems like an odd choice considering how many amazing sequences this show has given us, but I can’t help but thank the The importance of those few seconds at the beginning of the first episode of the series. BONES show us their vision for the Mob Psycho 100, give us fireworks like no other, and flex their muscles to explain their intentions to wow us in the first 12 episodes. I remember watching this episode in 2016 and thinking, “Well, I’m hooked,” and oh my god, I was right about that feeling. From the start, the show has been on the rise, with Yuzuru Tachikawa as episode director and Yoshimichi Kameda as animation director, producing some of its best episodes.

Mob Goes 100% For The First Time – Season 1 Episode 3

Dimple’s appearance in Episode 3 not only gives us one of the funniest sidekicks in anime, but we Also shows how scary it can be to be on the bad side of the mob when we discover what it means to have our protagonist over the edge. It’s a very short scene, and more complex sequences are sure to follow, but it’s a tantalizing prelude to what’s to come. When the Mob first hits 100%, the animation is intentionally far away from the model so it works much better. Rather than a regular anime that has to respect character design and proportions, the series is more of an art studio project, a moment that reminds people of the freedom allowed by Katsuya Shigehara as episode director and Takeo Oda as animation director.

Mob vs. Megumu Koyama – Season 1 Episode 8

What can I say about Mob’s first real fight with a skilled opponent? How much praise can I give animation director Yoshimichi Kameda and BONES for this incredible work of animation? The bold lines and light movements on display enhance this dynamic encounter. The impact of each attack is undeniably massive, and thematically shows us the easiest way to press the Mob button: by pissing off his family, especially his younger brother Ritsu. An exciting and cool anime moment, the second mob goes to 100% because the fight with Teru in episode 5 isn’t really a 100% mob.

Reigen Arataka 1000% – Season 1 Episode 12

( *)

Let’s face it, while it’s cool to see Mob kick ass, in Season 1 There’s never been a more hyped moment in The Claw than when we saw Reigen take his place, wiping out the entire 7th Division of the Claw with the power of the Mob. The animation for this episode, also supervised by Kameda, allows us to enjoy the drama of Regen facing Kazuo Ishiguro, giving us a very interesting shot during this short but intense “battle”. It also gives us an incredibly detailed monochrome map of when Reigen comforts Sakurai and later pokes fun at Muraki’s fashion sense. Under Kameda’s watchful eye, the entire sequence is pretty accurate, especially since we can see the mob let loose while others take over. No one lifted the weight off their shoulders more than Reigen.

Mob vs. Mogami – Season 2 Episode 5

When Mob and Reigen are hired to help Minori free Asagiri you end up facing the demons of former psychic Keiji Mogami. Their battle came to a head in the fifth episode of season two, and it was a sight to behold. Hakuyu Go did animation direction, storyboards, and episode direction for the episode, and it delivered a hellish visual experience. The animations on display are amazing. The ideological psych warfare between Mob and Mogami, with their focus on psych warfare, is so spectacular, and its conclusion so touching, that I can’t help but be amazed at how the show handles things when it pays off their bow deliveries. (* )( *)Musashi (Dimple) vs. Shibata – Season 2 Episode 10

This is another hyped scene. After catching the fallen mob, Musashi, the captain of the Beauty Body Club, is forced to fight Hiroshi Shibata’s mind-boosting muscular strength. All hope seemed lost, but Dimple took control of Musashi and unleashed the full strength of his muscles. What follows is a literal display of the power of hard work…with the help of a certain spirit. The sequence, animated by Naoto Uchida, is full of strong lines in the character design, especially the “hurricane throw” at the end of the fight. After Dimple took Musashi’s body, the rest of the club celebrated the captain’s victory by tossing Musashi into the air as Shibata regained his feet. Luckily, Mob woke up and fixed things, but Musashi and Dimple were the MVPs.

Shimazaki vs. Everyone – Season 2 Episode 11

Ryo Shimazaki vs. Everyone – Season 2 Episode 11 Ryo Shimazaki’s battle with the Yakuza in Episode 11 is another anime highlight. At the start of another impressively animated fight, Shimazaki takes control of every Esper in the area. Until Teru stepped up his game and started reading his attack patterns. After that, Esper Counterattack is a true visual spectacle, where the team led by animation director Nayumi Okashiwa and series director Itsuki Tsuchigami showcase all their individual skills with fast-paced cinematography. It’s a haunting sight, with many ups and downs, but in the end Shimazaki awakens his “mind’s eye” and seems to be winning the battle… until Reigen saves the day with another of his “techniques” one day. Or rather, Mob’s overwhelming presence has won out again.

Mob vs. Toichiro Suzuki – Season 2, Episode 13

The final confrontation with the boss of Claw again brings us an intense battle on a similar level to other shows (

) Adapted from One’s manga.As Mob experiences different 100% emotions, Mob forces Toichiro to use more and more power until he reaches a breaking point. 100% Courage The mob smashes its fists into the opponent’s fists while yelling “Strength!” Fight On! “Possibly the highlight of the duel, and the highlight of the season’s animation itself, this episode was superbly directed by Yuzuru Tachikawa. Any of their collisions were interrupted by BONES’ animation. Amazing in a way that rounded it off At least in terms of action.

One Punch ManGod Dimple vs. Psycho Helmet – Season 3, Episode 6

When Dimple merges with the God Tree in season Time 3, which leads to the birth of the spirit helmet, he finally fulfills his dream of becoming a god. Although the heart-to-heart with Mob is the biggest moment of the series in terms of emotional impact, let’s not forget the ghost-turned friend The battle with the god-tree-born entity was expertly animated by a team led by Yūta Kiso, who also created the episode for Dimple’s desperate attempt to protect the unconscious mob, which brings a sense of urgency to the fight , while the music and the panic within the Cla tree underscore this. Once again we have a fast-paced battle, imaginatively composed shots and dynamic animation, but a hunch tells us what might be coming. The conclusion is absolutely stunning Heartbreaking.

Hui vs. ??? – Season 3 Episode 10

Watch Teru grow from a selfish kid overly obsessed with his own power to Mob’s loyal friend is one of the greatest things in the series, so this short and one-sided rematch between young Esper and the other side of Mob’s mind was incredibly emotional. That showdown in the woods was instinctive, Brutal. A standout moment in the animation is when ??? throws Teru out of the forest and into a building. We can feel the force of the throw, and the speed at which the broken body flies up. Naoto Uchida and Hiromi Niwa in this Episodes work so well together as the show and animation directors, you can’t help but marvel at their talent. The fight ends with a young Esper screaming that he’s Mob’s opponent, while saving the innocent bystanders around him. For Teru It’s an appropriate scene, Teru is a character who’s been there from the beginning and acts as a foil for Mob.

BONES in the lifetime of

Mob Psycho 100

Doing everything has been the crowning achievement in visual storytelling and animation. This is truly a must-have show that every anime fan should experience. What about you? What do you think

Mob Psycho 100(* ) best animated moment? Let us know in the comments below.

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