Short and Sweet Sundays | Bocchi is the Rock Upon Which They Build Their Hopes

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  • Heya! Welcome to another edition of [*Short and Sweet Sundays*](https://imgur.com/Aat91sk) where we ~~sometimes~~ breakdown 1-minute or less scenes from any given anime. [This week I wanted to focus on this 3-minute and 44-second compilation scene from *Bocchi the Rock.*](https://streamable.com/3f9t7y)


    The blonde pig-tailed teenager steps out into the city; the childhood memory steps back in. It’s a poignant scene by any other metric and it shines in all manners of areas—my favorite of course being the visual symbols of the road signs in the background. [Stop is for Bocchi as she’s hiding the truth of her identity,](https://imgur.com/qdMsdA7) [forward is for Nijika as she looks towards the future.](https://imgur.com/TbHYpxo) The metaphor is carried higher as [Nijika’s lofty aspirations for Starry turn to the starry skies up above](https://imgur.com/Aat91sk) and it’s [brought down to reality with the coming realization that not everything in life goes according to plan.](https://imgur.com/SH1AwOb) Finally, the visual symbolism of the road signs is flipped once Nijika declares Bocchi to be their rock. [Now Nijika is the one who stops to aid Bocchi](https://imgur.com/1ZvgNmy) and [Bocchi is the one to guide them all towards their dreams.](https://imgur.com/dpLh6iS) It’s a cute visualization of their band’s faith but one thing that I can’t help but return to is the word “rock” and what this scene means to me.

    When I think of the word “rock”, I think solid, I think firm, I think *cornerstone.* A source of strength and security, it’s the anchor that reels in the innumerable into something concrete, it’s that which forges the smithy of your soul. For their hopes and dreams, Bocchi is the rock upon which the band builds their church. It’s touching to see how far our little Bocchi has grown in these past few weeks though what resonates in me even more however is how *Nijika* finds herself in the beginning of this scene. Outside in the sprawl of the city and lost in thought, this is where she forms a core memory and it’s strange how this awakened something similar in my somnambulant self.

    Sometime ago, after the thunder of applause, after the flurry of pats, I stepped off down the stage, walked past the audience, and went outside into the entrance of the theatre where upon I basked under the gold gleam of the marquee: *The Moth Grandslam.* It was the recess between the two halves of the show and I somehow felt in my bones that my afterglow could not be contained in the auditorium; I needed fresh air. It was akin to cellular respiration in that for every three parts clapping came in exchange for two parts oxygen and the patch of tattered night sky placed above the cityscape played rather well for me to take in my breath.

    I soaked in the sights of the cars passing by, the orange baubles of streetlamps hanging around, the humdrum of the crowds in the middle-distance. All of that and more were the evidence that This Was a Good Night but there was something else that was unmistakable in my memory and that was the marquee itself. How it loomed above me in its maw, how its warmth swaddled me against everyone else; it was a rock by any other name. When I revisit the memory, I still think of how I stepped out into the night, and I can’t help but wonder if Nijika feels the same as well in her time of stepping out into night. [How she’ll remember the crisscrossing of the telephone wires and the intersection between her and Bocchi.](https://imgur.com/OKLLzuk) It’s funny how the fictional drawings on our screen can extricate the factual experiences on our lives, how they can draw water from a rock.


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