anime - March 28, 2023

North American Anime, Manga Releases, March 26-April 1 – News [2023-03-28]

Title Publisher Recommended
Retail Price Date Asumi-chan Is Interested in Lesbian Brothels!Graphic Novel(GN) 2Please Seven Seas US$14.99 28. March Beauty and the Feast GN 7Cite Square Enix Manga US$14.99 March 28 Box of Light GN 2AnimeNewsNetwork Seven Seas US$13.99 )March 28 Day Dai DarkGN 5Please Seven Seas $13.99 28 Day. March Farming Life in Another World GN 8Please One Peace US$11.95 28. March Fire Force Omnibus GN 3Please Kodansha USA US$19.99 March 28 Fist of the North Star GN 8 (hardcover)Please Viz Media US$19.99 28. March Sayonara, Football:Farewell, My Dear Cramer GN 16Please Kodansha $12.99 March 28 Konohana KitanGN 12Please Tokyopop $12.99(* )28. March Les Miserables Omnibus GN 2PleaseSeven Seas US$19.99 March 28 ) Omnibus GN 2 No. 6 Please *) : Perfect Edition GN 10 (Hardcover) Please Square Enix The Seven Deadly SinsMangaUS$22.99 28. March GN 11 Please Soul EaterSquare EnixMangaUS$12.99 28. March GN 21 Please Kodansha USA The Strongest Sage With the Weakest CrestUS$12.99March 28 GN (Hardcover)Please Viz Media US$25, 00(* )28. March That Time I Got Reincarnated as a SlimeGN 1Please Seven Seas $15.99 28. March Tombs: Junji Ito Story CollectionThe GN 1 Please Seven Seas $14.99 The Valiant Must Fall28. MarchWelcome Halo GN Please Tokyopop US$13.99Villainess and the Demon Knight28. March GN 10 Please Kodansha USA US$12.99 March 28 GNPlease )Seven Seas US$15.99 28. March When Will Ayumu Make His Move? GN 3Please Kodansha US$12.99 March 28 Why Don’t You Eat Me, My Dear Wolf?