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TIFF Next Wave Film Festival Screens Canadian Premiere of Suzume Film – News

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The Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) announced Wednesday that it has announced Makoto Shinkai the premiere in Canada) Suzume (Suzume no Tojimari) film April 13 at 6:30pm at TIFF Bell Lightbox. The screening is part of the TIFF Next Wave Film Festival, April 14-16. The film opens in Canada on April 14.

The film opened ranked No. 1 on Nov. 11,sold selling 1.33 million tickets in its first three days, earning 1.88 billion yen (approximately US$13.49 million).

The film grossed 38.7% more than Makoto Shinkai’s critically acclaimedyour name. film and 47.4% more at the box office, taking inearned 1,277,960,000 yen (approximately $12.51 million at the time) in its first three days. It also sold 14.8% more tickets than Shinkai’s previous filmmore, earning 14.4%Weathering With You, the strongest for Shinkai’s first three days.

The filmearned has grossed 14,310,602,380 yen (about $109 million) as of Sunday, beating his previous film’s Japanese box office lifetime of 14.23 billion yen (about $108 million in actual Currency) Son of Weather and You (Tenki no Ko). The filmbecome ranks as the 14th highest-grossing film of all time in Japan and the 8th highest-grossing animation film of all time in Japan. Hayao Miyazakis Ponyo slightly above it in both rankings, at 15.5 billion yen (approximately US$118 million).

Crunchyroll, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Wild Bunch International and Eurozoom The film will be released worldwide from April 12th, except Asia screen. Crunchyroll will handle distribution in North America, while Crunchyroll and Sony Pictures Entertainment will handle Latin America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, the Middle East, Africa and parts of Europe. Crunchyroll, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Wild Bunch International and Eurozoom will distribute the film in French- and German-speaking Europe. The film will be screened in 199 countries and regions.

ActressNanoka Hara voices the heroine Suzumi Iwato in the film. SixTONES Idol group members Hokuto Matsumura (Live-action Toru Liar × Liar, Live-action Shizuka Dome xxxHOLiC) made A man who embarks on a journey travels with Suzuki, who is the “closer”.

Makoto Shinkai (Your Name, Weatherchild) directed the film and wrote the screenplay. The original story is also credited to him. Masayoshi Tanaka (your name., Weathering With You) designed the characters. Kenichi Tsuchiya (your name. , Garden of Words) is the animation director. Takumi Tanji (Children Who Chase Lost Voices) is the art director. CoMix Wave Films and Story Inc. made this movie. TOHO Distribution of the film. Seattle-based Hollywood film composer Kazuma Jinnouchi (Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045, RWBY: Ice Queendom) and RADWIMPS collaborated on the film’s score. A TikTok performerToaka played one of the theme songs from the movie “Suzume”.

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