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TRIGUN STAMPEDE Anime Cast Adds Chikahiro Kobayashi, Megumi Han


TRIGUN STAMPEDE Episode 5 is coming soon, so it’s time to see two new actors. Joining the Orange adaptation this round are Chikahiro Kobayashi and Megumi Han, both of whom have been sneakily previewed in new episode trailers.

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Here’s a look at the next episode of the series:

( *) Other actors:

Monev the Gale

voiced by Tomoka Hiroshi Kobayashi (Saichi Sugimoto ): Golden Kamuy


voiced by Megumi Han

(Gon Freecss in ): Hunter x Hunter


Cast and crew for the series include:


    Kenji Muto (

  • Land of RadianceSeries Director)
    Original story:
  • Takehiko Oki

  • Series Composition:
  • Makoto Okajima, Tatsuro Inamoto, Yoshihisa Ueda

  • Original character design:
  • Kouji Tajima (

  • GANTZ:0 Character Artist)
  • Tatsuya Kato (

  • Revue Starlight)
  • Orange

Vash the Stampede

    voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka (Inosuke Hashihara in

  • )
    Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no YaibaYoung Vash
  • voiced by Tomoyo Kurosawa (Phophyllite in

  • Land of the Shining)
    Millions of Dollars
  • voiced by Junya Ikeda (Jo Kido in

  • )
    Digimon Adventure tri.Young Knives
  • voiced by Yumiri Hanamori (Nadeshiko Kagamihara in

  • )
    Laid-Back CampRem Saverem
  • voiced by Maaya Sakamoto (

  • The Vision of Escaflowne)
    Meryl Stryfe
  • voiced by Sakura Ando (Legom in

    Roberto De Niro
  • voiced by Kenji Matsuda

  • Nicholas D. Wolfwood voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya (Fumikage Tokoyami in )
  • Legato Bluesummers

  • voiced by Tomura Shigaraki from Koki Uchiyama (My Hero AcademiaMy Hero Academia)
  • Zazie the Beast voiced by TARAKO (Hunter x Hunter (1999))
  • William Conrad voiced by Ryusei Nakao (Frieza from the series)
  • Crunchyroll

  • describes the series: Dragon Ball Vash the Stampede is a happy gunslinger pacifist, so why is he putting a $6 million bounty on his head? That’s what confuses novice reporter Meryl Stryfe and her jaded old partner as they investigate the vigilante only to find a man who hates blood. But their investigation uncovered something terrifying – his evil twin brother, Million Dollar.

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