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Witch On The Holy Night – Game Review

Reviewing a kinetic novel is a curious factor. There is not any gameplay to debate or criticize, and there are no mechanics to debate. What you’ve got is a narrative. The excellent news is whereas Witch on the Holy Night is a prequel to Lunar Legend Tsukihime, you do not want any prior data of that visible novel to take pleasure in Witch on the Holy Night time. Which could be for the very best; I might hate to think about how far more difficult issues would get if we needed to clarify the assorted sorts of vampires on prime of the whole lot else.

Aoko Aozaki is a witch dwelling in a mansion overlooking Misaki Metropolis. Studying magic from the enigmatic Alice Kuonji, she spends her days as the coed council president in her highschool whereas spending her nights heading off the puppets of a mysterious assailant. Her days in school are difficult when Soujyuro, a switch scholar from a really distant a part of the nation, joins her class—and additional difficult when Soujyuro catches Aoko utilizing magic…

The solid is colourful, with Aoko coming off as fascinating. Whereas not fairly the cool, sassy witch she grows into, she nonetheless has a sardonic streak even when she makes rookies errors along with her spells. Her relationship with Alice is a sophisticated “frenemy” relationship the place the 2 conflict over dinner whereas additionally learning magic collectively. Aoko’s bristly character in the direction of her friends makes her one thing of a pariah, setting the stage for her rigidity with Soujyuro. Soujyuro, having come from a city with out electrical energy, is extraordinarily harmless and obtuse in ways in which drive Aoko up the wall. She will’t even correctly insult the man with out it sliding off of him. The early battle comes from Aoko having to kill Soujyuro as soon as he learns her secret talents in magic. Nonetheless, very like in Tsukihime, the 2 discover themselves having to assist one another as Aoko finds herself embroiled in additional important battles towards different mages.

It is a good story, with a lot of nice banter between characters and bits of slicing wit from Aoko. The worst half about it might be the narration. Whereas the character dialogue feels pure for every character, the overarching narration feels medical and belabored. That is par for the course with Nasu’s writing. I can solely surmise that the localization struggled lengthy and onerous to salvage what they may from the mathematical description of Aoko’s petty grudges. Nasu’s trademark piece-by-piece explanations of How Magic Works are additionally current, with breathless passages explaining Magic Circuits and incantations and their many difficult guidelines. Even on this planet of Tsukihime, the numerous types of magic could be completely fascinating if it weren’t for his or her over-explanation.

And that is basically the place we’re at; Witch on the Holy Night time has few selections because it progresses, so there’s not a lot to do apart from benefit from the story. Every intermission between chapters permits the participant to learn side-chapters that broaden upon particular backstory incidents, like providing Soujyuro’s perspective from when he sees Aoko utilizing magic for the primary time. These are fortunately non-obligatory for understanding the entire recreation, merely providing fascinating perception. Happily, whereas it is a kinetic novel, the visuals are not any slouch. TYPE-MOON‘s conventional home model for its character design has gained sophistication because the years have passed by, and the sport employs many eye-catching layering results and animations to make its scenes come to life. Whereas character fashions have solely restricted animation, it helps that they don’t seem to be distracting from the textual content itself. Magic circles seem when magical blasts are shot, gates within the background open up as characters stroll by means of them, and a personality’s face is mirrored in soup as their expression darkens… it is good things, helped by the soundtrack. Whereas a lot of the music is classical piano affairs like Gymnopédie No. 1, the incidental tracks are additionally nice.

I can think about kinetic novels being a troublesome promote for many avid gamers, however for people who find themselves fearless of textual content of their tales, Witch on the Holy Night time has tons to supply. Whereas Nasu’s stiff, wordy narration could be a turn-off, the characters and their interactions greater than redeem it, and the first battle is engrossing and transferring. The visuals are easy however efficient, and Aoko has a spectacular face-game. Followers of Melty Blood may take pleasure in seeing extra of Aoko’s adventures from her youth; anybody else who’s by no means skilled the Tsukihime-world might stand to choose this recreation up, too, if solely as a result of it is on sale.

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